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Microcurrent technology is the most effective method of natural, anti-aging skin care. It does not involve penetrating the skin or using harsh chemicals. 

This fascinating procedure works using a very mild electrical current, which closely mimics the natural currents of the body and stimulates the muscles of the face. It is very much the same as the way exercising tones the muscles of the body.  

As we go through life, so many things affect the way our skin ages. The way we form our facial expressions to the position we sleep in all play a part in determining where different lines and wrinkles might eventually form. Microcurrent is one of the only procedures available that has the ability to drastically reduce, and sometimes even completely eliminate these issues.


When you start to use microcurrent regularly, your body starts to build muscle memory. In short, we are able to "train" your facial muscles. We work with toning and strengthening all of the muscles in the face to achieve the effects we desire. With regular use, the effects achieved through using this method of treatment can be semi-permanent. This is definitely a means for attaining long-term results.


Microcurrent has quite a long list of benefits. Some of those being; it smoothes fine lines, softens deeper wrinkles, and can help to lift and tone areas where the face is sagging. It will also define the features of the face and improve the overall texture and radiance of the skin. It even helps to stimulate new cell growth, enhance natural collagen production, and reduce inflammation in the skin.  

Microcurrent is an excellent alternative to other risky and expensive treatments. It allows your skin to return to a healthier, younger looking state while still looking and feeling natural.



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